Harvest locks — New way of Farming

CroxSwap is introducing Harvest lockup feature in yield farms and staking pools. This Harvest lockup mechanism is a necessary and innovative update to our existing farms. This helps in controlling the the farming arbitrage bots from continuous harvesting and dump.

This harvest lockup only locks users’ farming rewards. The tokens and LP tokens staked in farms/pools can be unstaked anytime.

How does this Harvest lockup work?
For Example: Harvest lockup for CROX native farms CROX-BNB or CROX-BUSD is 8 hours , it means users only harvest (claim their rewards from farming/Staking) every 8 hours.

Harvest lock time is displayed for each farm & pool on the card. Once the unlock time is complete Harvest button is enabled automatically to harvest. If you unstake before the harvest unlock period your rewards are still locked up but you can successfully unstake your LP tokens or single tokens anytime.

In this phase we are releasing 15 pairs for farming and 8 single token staking reward pools.

Farming pairs:

Staking Pools:

What happens to old farms?
Old farms will move to inactive mode . You need to unstake them using “Unstake From Old Farm” button as shown below and stake them back in new farms. You don’t have to remove the LP pair. You can use the same LP token pair to stake them back in New Harvest lockup farms.
To Start Farming Go to — https://app.croxswap.com/farms

When you Unstake your LP from old farm, your earned CROX rewards will be automatically added to your wallet and you can stake $CROX on single staking pools. https://app.croxswap.com/pools/crox

If you face any issues in moving your LP tokens from old to new farms please reach out on Telegram group for assistance (https://t.me/croxswap)

Plans for the next sprint…

Next-Gen staking pools will be released…!

How are these staking pools different from existing pools?
In Next-Gen staking pools CROX token will have a new use-case where you Stake CROX and Earn a new token. For example: Stake CROX , Earn BUSD.

How do these pools work?
These reward pools are called through a smart contract method. Partnered project funds the contract with necessary rewards before the pools are live. Once you stake in those pools you will start earning rewards. Initially we will introduce single token staking where you Stake CROX and earn XYZ token. Later we will open it for LP staking. In LP staking pools any verified project can create LP pair(Example: XYZ-BNB) and fund the contract with their rewards. These pools are designed to create liquidity for other projects to launch.

Stay tuned for upcoming new dual way of farming on CroxSwap. Follow our social pages for regular updates.

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