Dual-Farming & Next-Gen Pools on CroxSwap

3 min readAug 20, 2021
Crox Dual Farms

Why earn only one token when you can earn more than one using same liquidity pairs? With our innovative dual-farming feature we are providing a platform where any project owners can start their liquidity pools with us for no cost.

How does Dual-Farming work?
These farms are quite similar to any other Yield farm with more benefits and competitive rewards. Minimum staking period for any pool is 30 days and Maximum staking period depends on pool owner who is passing the rewards to the farm.

Staking in Dual-Farming is a commitment from both parties, Stakers & Owners. Pools have a minimum locking period of 30 days where your staked LP will be soft locked for 30 day period to help the project grow their liquidity. However, you can unstake anytime with an early withdrawal fee of 10% of staked amount. There will be No Fees if you unstake after 30days.

Each Farm will yield 2 different tokens. For example: CROX-DAI LP farm will yield CROX + DAI + Trade Fees generated for providing the liquidity. This is a Triple Benefit Program. Harvest locks have longer time period than regular farms. In Dual-Farms you can harvest once every 7 days. This helps the projects to avoid regular dumps from generated yield.

How Pool Owners are benefitted with these farms?
1. Creating new liquidity for their token trades. It helps in recruiting more buyers with less price impact. Trading volume increases when liquidity increases.
2. No Cost farming for owners. CroxSwap handles the farm creation with staking locks & harvest lock features.
3. Locked Staking helps owners to gain liquidity for longer periods with less sell and withdrawal pressure.

Dual Farms on Croxswap

How are Investors & Liquidity Providers benefitted?
1. Investors who are holding CROX gets an opportunity to Stake CROX in Next-Gen Pools and earn partnered project tokens.
2. Liquidity Providers gets 3-way benefit from dual-farms. They can earn 2 tokens + Trade Fees for providing liquidity.

How CROX Eco-System gets benefit from these pools?
1. CroxSwap is providing a platform for project owners to create their liquidity pools. In return projects reward CROX holders with their tokens in Next-Gen Pools. This way CROX gets it’s new use-case where your can earn other tokens by staking CROX.
2. There will be a minor deposit fees ranging from 2% to 4% on Dual-Farms. Deposit fees will be used for BuyBack & Burn $CROX and for Eco-System development.

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A dual-farming & staking protocol where any project can create their own pools to gain liquidity