CroxSwap X Game1 Network

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CroxSwap x Game1 Network

We are on the roll ! Let’s welcome our new dual farms partner Game1Network iGaming Platform #BSC to Crox Family. Game1 Network is a play2earn platform where you can play igames to earn rewards. Isn’t it fun to get paid while playing?

With this partnership you will be able to stake GAME1-USDT Baby LP to earn $CROX + $GAME1 from CroxSwap dual farms.

How to stake?
1. Buy GAME1 from BabySwap dex —
2. Create GAME1-USDT LP on Babyswap as it is Baby LP —
3. Go to Croxswap dual farms to stake your LP —
4. Find GAME-USDT LP pool, approve contract and stake it
5. You start earning $CROX + $GAME1 as soon as you stake

Minimum staking period is 30 days or pool end date. There is a 10% withdrawal fee if you unstake before 30days or pool end date. It means if you join the pool after 10days, but pool ends in 20days. In this case you can unstake after pool end date (in 20days itself) without paying any withdrawal fee. In case pool extends after you join, lock period extends as usual to 30days.

What is Game1 Network?
Game1Network is an innovative gaming platform that provides a gamified experience of different games featuring on the platform for Players to earn Game1 tokens, the hyper-Deflationary cryptocurrency running the Game1Network eco-system. The world’s first iGaming multi-earning platform with amazing features.


What is CroxSwap?
CroxSwap is a fully decentralized next-generation yield farming protocol which offers dual rewards for staking and farming. CroxSwap’s cross-chain bridge (in progress) will be the cheaper & faster service to transfer your assets across networks without any hassle.
Farming-as-a-Service: CroxSwap is trying to solve the missing piece of a puzzle in DeFi by providing the liquidity creation service for everyone. With farming as a service, we offer liquidity mining to all BSC projects regardless of their LP type. Our flexible protocol supports current and upcoming projects that are looking to gain liquidity without any extra cost.
Staking-as-a-service: If you are a project with a use-case different from yield farming and staking but would like to provide a staking pool for your holders, CroxSwap is the place to go. We offer no fees staking pools that can be deployed in minutes and make them available for your community. It doesn’t involve any cost to you other than providing rewards to the liquidity providers.
Dual Rewards in farming: Our innovation in yield farming provides an opportunity to earn two tokens as rewards by providing liquidity. This helps in recovering the impermanent loss faster than regular yield farms. High APR yield generated from dual-farms encourage more investors to provide liquidity which is a win-win deal for both project owners and liquidity providers.
Our farming and staking as a service is designed to help other projects to launch their liquidity farms & pools to reduce their development cost, maintenance and save time.
$CROX Token — A utility token: Our next-generation staking pools allows you to earn new tokens by staking $CROX. It has an anti-whale feature where users can stake only a certain limit(at the time of this writing it is 8000 CROX per wallet) to earn other project tokens. This helps in circulating more tokens to multiple holders than giving them away to one big whale.

🌉Faster, secure, and cheaper cross-chain bridge protocol with cross-network staking pools & liquidity mining services. Our bridge will support all ERC20 tokens and EVM based chains.

🛠️ DIY (Do It Yourself) create your own pool UI for project owners to launch their own pools with hassle free deployment.

💱 Autonomous DEX with unique features that fills the gaps in existing DeFi space.

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