CROX Tokens are locked on Unicrypt

1 min readJun 9, 2021


You asked it. we did it… !!!

CROX tokens locked on Unicrypt

1,080,000 CROX tokens are locked using Unicrypt vesting service. Vesting details are as below.

🔐Dev tokens locked for 2years — Vesting 10% each month after 1year.

🔐Further Development tokens locked for 3 months — unlocks 10% every month after 3 months.

🔐 Marketing Tokens locked temporarily and unlocks 10% every month.

Find the locked tokens on 👉Unicrypt

What is Unicrypt?

Unicrypt is a decentralized services provider, mainly used by DeFi projects. It provides locking service for other projects. Services include Liquidity locks, Token Vesting etc. Tokens are time-locked in a smart contract, fully audited by Chainsulting, and cannot be sent, sold, added to liquidity or staked.

CROX is using Unicrypt’s Token Vesting service to lock the tokens securely and they are programmed to release as mentioned above.

Why CROX is locking tokens?

Croxswap is committed for a long term goal and this is how we show the community that how well the tokens are going to be managed and used for the development and growth of the eco-system.




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