CROX Supernova is live on PolarisDefi

CroxSwap proudly announces PolarisDefi as our new partner. We have opened a high yield rewards pool to stake $CROX on supernova geysers on PolarisDefi. Don’t miss the opportunity to get in to this amazing pool to earn this new BSC Gem.

We have created a pool for 100,000 CROX rewards for a 90 day period. It may increase based on the community interest. The longer you HODL the more bonus rewards you make. Minimum bonus reward is 1x and maximum is 4x for long term HODLers.

NO DEPOSIT FEES for Staking in this pool. Isn’t it cool?

CROX Supernova pool

How to stake CROX on PolarisDefi Supernova pool?

  1. Visit
  2. Connect your wallet (Trustwallet, Metamask, Binance Wallet etc)
  3. Swap BNB or BUSD or CAKE to CROX
  4. Now go to
  5. Find CROX pool in Supernova Geysers
  6. Approve contract & Stake your CROX
  7. Congratulations now you are a proud HODLer of CROX and get rewarded with more CROX for staking.
  8. You can earn more CROX by re-staking your earned rewards into the pool until the pool end date to get maximum rewards.

CROX Token Contract address: 0x2c094f5a7d1146bb93850f629501eb749f6ed491

We will launch CROX/BNB Supoernova as well. Stay Tuned…….!!!

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