CROX Pre-Sale is Live…

We have opened a public sale for everyone on Bounce Finance. There are no private sales or whitelisted address sales. Everyone can participate fairly in our public pre-sale of CROX token. Visit for Tokenomics and Roadmap of the project

Pre-sale price is 1BNB = 500 CROX (~1.1 USDT).

Listing price will be 1BNB = 350 CROX (~1.6 USDT).

Funds raised from Pre-Sale will be added to Pancakeswap Liquidity

How to participate in Pre-sale?


  1. Connect your wallet using MetaMask or Binance Wallet
  2. Type in your bid amount. Some examples are (0.1BNB=50 CROX) (0.25BNB=125 CROX) (3BNB=1500 CROX)
  3. Click Go
  4. You will get a confirmation window.
  5. Go to MetaMask and click add token, then click Custom Token, then copy paste CROX contract address which is listed below (0x2c094F5A7D1146BB93850f629501eB749f6Ed491)
  6. Congratulations you are now an owner of CROX token!!

Wallets listed on Bounce Finance

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