CROX Farms are Live now

Our Yield farming is up and running. Get in and enjoy the High APR%. long term HOLDers will benefit massive returns.

CROX Farms

How to buy CROX?

  1. Go to
  2. Connect your wallet.
  3. Use Binance Smart Chain
  4. Add Binance Smart Chain to Meta Mask or other wallets
  5. Buy with the desired amount of BNB and click Swap
  6. Confirm the Swap
  7. Confirm on wallet
  8. View on bscscan to confirm
  9. Congrats! You just bought CROX.

Farm CROX using below pairs

APR CROX Reward Multipliers

  • CROX/BNB (40x Rewards)
  • CROX/BUSD (40x Rewards)
  • CROX/CAKE (25x Rewards)
  • CROX/RASTA(10x Rewards)
  • BUSD/BNB (5x Rewards)
  • BTCB/BNB (4x Rewards)
  • ETH/BNB (4x Rewards)
  • USDT/BUSD (2x Rewards)
  • DAI/BUSD (2x Rewards)
  • CAKE/BNB (5x Rewards)
  • DOT/BNB (3x Rewards)