Cost Effective Cross-Chain Bridge

CroxSwap aims to build an efficient, cheapest and fastest cross-swap protocol to transfer your assets across multiple networks.

CroxSwap — A Cross-Chain bridge

With growing blockchains in crypto world everything is moving towards decentralization now. We have seen many countries blocking Centralized exchanges due to local crypto regulations in place. Binance CEX had to stop their services in few major countries recently. With that being said DeFi is going to be The Next Big Thing. We have seen massive growth in DeFi platforms in last 6 months. UniSwap, Sushi, Pancakeswap, 1inch, and many more are trading over $1Billion monthly trading volumes. With mass adoption of DeFi it is more important to have a solution for investors to transfer their valuable assets across blockchains with fewer steps , cost effective method and also fully decentralized.

Cross-Chain bridge protocol

How does CroxSwap fit into this?
CROX’s main goal is to fill the gaps between networks. Our name itself has the vision in it “Cross-Swap”(CroXswap). We are a fully decentralized cross-chain bridge protocol and also an AMM with Yield farming where you can provide liquidity and earn a share of trade fees on every swap transaction. CroxSwap was launched on Binance Smart Chain with a goal to create liquidity before moving on to multiple chains. We are going to release our Smart bridges in multiple phases. In Phase-1 you will be able to access BSC- Polygon & BSC- ETH bridges. Phase-1 launch is scheduled for July-August 2021. In Phase-2 we will expand our bridges to Fantom, Tron and more.

Cross-Chain Liquidity Pools
Another unique feature that CROX is aiming at is to create cross network liquidity pools and incentivize the Liquidity Providers by sharing the bridge fees with No-Loss pools. In cross-chain liquidity pools users can stake their Wrapped tokens on one side of the chain and earn a share of bridge fees without any impermanent loss. It is called No-loss pool because you get the token on the other side of the chain at 1:1 ratio along with bridge fees when users bridge their assets.

Team is working on providing more exciting & innovative features to incentivize CROX holders, Liquidity providers and Farmers. Stay Tuned and stay connected with our social platforms for more frequent updates.

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