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We are excited to announce a listing & farming partnership with BabySwap— one of the fastest growing decentralized exchanges on BSC. With this expansion $CROX is now available to trade on BabySwap. This amazing partnership also includes two farming pairs on Croxswap dual-farms.

You can stake,

Croxswap dual farms

We have introduced an innovative Next-Generation Staking & Farming, which includes Dual-Farms and Single token staking pools. Our introductory pools launched with whopping reward distribution from 5 partners. …

CroxSwap aims to build an efficient, cheapest and fastest cross-swap protocol to transfer your assets across multiple networks.

CroxSwap — A Cross-Chain bridge

With growing blockchains in crypto world everything is moving towards decentralization now. We have seen many countries blocking Centralized exchanges due to local crypto regulations in place. Binance CEX had to stop…

An elastic dual token on Crox dual farming

croxswap x centric

It has been a tremendous partnership between Croxswap and Centric for the last one month. We all know that Centric migrated to Binance Smartchain couple months ago from Tron Network. This has opened doors for it’s community to make use of their…

Lifestyle-based Pet Game on Blockchain


We are excited to announce another amazing partnership today. With great pleasure, we welcome My Defi Pet Official into Crox Family. MyDeFiPet is a virtual pet game that combines DeFi, collectibles and your own personality. It is operated on Binance Smart Chain and KardiaChain. DPET…

Crox Dual Farms

Why earn only one token when you can earn more than one using same liquidity pairs? With our innovative dual-farming feature we are providing a platform where any project owners can start their liquidity pools with us for no cost.

How does Dual-Farming work?
These farms are quite similar to any…

CroxSwap is introducing Harvest lockup feature in yield farms and staking pools. This Harvest lockup mechanism is a necessary and innovative update to our existing farms. This helps in controlling the the farming arbitrage bots from continuous harvesting and dump.

This harvest lockup only locks users’ farming rewards. The tokens…

You asked it. we did it… !!!

CROX tokens locked on Unicrypt

1,080,000 CROX tokens are locked using Unicrypt vesting service. Vesting details are as below.

🔐Dev tokens locked for 2years — Vesting 10% each month after 1year.

🔐Further Development tokens locked for 3 months — unlocks 10% every month after 3 months.

🔐 Marketing…

Happy to have RASTA Finance as our Dev partner. Such a dedicated and hard working team. We wish good luck to our friends in their new project. Keep building good stuff. Eagerly waiting for RASINO v0.1 as well.

CroxSwap proudly announces PolarisDefi as our new partner. We have opened a high yield rewards pool to stake $CROX on supernova geysers on PolarisDefi. Don’t miss the opportunity to get in to this amazing pool to earn this new BSC Gem.

We have created a pool for 100,000 CROX rewards…


A dual-farming & staking protocol where any project can create their own pools to gain liquidity

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