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We have introduced an innovative Next-Generation Staking & Farming, which includes Dual-Farms and Single token staking pools. Our introductory pools launched with whopping reward distribution from 5 partners. It was an overwhelming response from the community and we acquired quite a few new investors and liquidity providers with this new product.

Croxswap dual farms

How Dual-Farms or Next-Gen pools help others?
CroxSwap is trying to solve the missing piece of the puzzle in DeFi by providing an opportunity for other projects to create their own liquidity LP farm using our platform with no extra cost. At the same time we are bringing projects together…

Crox Dual Farms

Why earn only one token when you can earn more than one using same liquidity pairs? With our innovative dual-farming feature we are providing a platform where any project owners can start their liquidity pools with us for no cost.

How does Dual-Farming work?
These farms are quite similar to any other Yield farm with more benefits and competitive rewards. Minimum staking period for any pool is 30 days and Maximum staking period depends on pool owner who is passing the rewards to the farm.

Staking in Dual-Farming is a commitment from both parties, Stakers & Owners. Pools have a…

CroxSwap aims to build an efficient, cheapest and fastest cross-swap protocol to transfer your assets across multiple networks.

CroxSwap — A Cross-Chain bridge

With growing blockchains in crypto world everything is moving towards decentralization now. We have seen many countries blocking Centralized exchanges due to local crypto regulations in place. Binance CEX had to stop their services in few major countries recently. With that being said DeFi is going to be The Next Big Thing. We have seen massive growth in DeFi platforms in last 6 months. UniSwap, Sushi, Pancakeswap, 1inch, and many more are trading over $1Billion monthly trading volumes. …

Here is how you can make passive income while you are holding precious Cardano Foundation ($ADA).

Two ways to earn rewards by staking ADA on CroxSwap. Do you get any additional rewards for holding your asset on CEX? Not really. You can move the same asset to CroxSwap Decentralized Exchange & a Yield Farm to make passive income with your precious asset.

What are those two ways?
1. Stake $ADA in staking pools
2. Provide Liquidity in ADA-BNB farm & Stake the LP tokens.

How to transfer your $ADA from Binance Exchange to CroxSwap?
Step 1: Create a wallet using metamask…

CroxSwap is introducing Harvest lockup feature in yield farms and staking pools. This Harvest lockup mechanism is a necessary and innovative update to our existing farms. This helps in controlling the the farming arbitrage bots from continuous harvesting and dump.

This harvest lockup only locks users’ farming rewards. The tokens and LP tokens staked in farms/pools can be unstaked anytime.

New farms with Harvest Lockup Mechanism

How does this Harvest lockup work?
For Example: Harvest lockup for CROX native farms CROX-BNB or CROX-BUSD is 8 hours , it means users only harvest (claim their rewards from farming/Staking) every 8 hours.

Harvest lock time is displayed for…

You asked for it. we did it… !!!

CROX tokens locked on Unicrypt

1,080,000 CROX tokens are locked using Unicrypt vesting service. Vesting details are as below.

🔐Dev tokens locked for 2years — Vesting 10% each month after 1year.

🔐Further Development tokens locked for 3 months — unlocks 10% every month after 3 months.

🔐 Marketing Tokens locked temporarily and unlocks 10% every month.

Find the locked tokens on 👉Unicrypt

What is Unicrypt?

Unicrypt is a decentralized services provider, mainly used by DeFi projects. It provides locking service for other projects. Services include Liquidity locks, Token Vesting etc. …

Happy to have RASTA Finance as our Dev partner. Such a dedicated and hard working team. We wish good luck to our friends in their new project. Keep building good stuff. Eagerly waiting for RASINO v0.1 as well.

CroxSwap proudly announces PolarisDefi as our new partner. We have opened a high yield rewards pool to stake $CROX on supernova geysers on PolarisDefi. Don’t miss the opportunity to get in to this amazing pool to earn this new BSC Gem.

We have created a pool for 100,000 CROX rewards for a 90 day period. It may increase based on the community interest. The longer you HODL the more bonus rewards you make. Minimum bonus reward is 1x and maximum is 4x for long term HODLers.

NO DEPOSIT FEES for Staking in this pool. Isn’t it cool?

CROX Supernova pool

How to stake…

Our Yield farming is up and running. Get in and enjoy the High APR%. long term HOLDers will benefit massive returns.

CROX Farms

How to buy CROX?

  1. Go to
  2. Connect your wallet.
  3. Use Binance Smart Chain
  4. Add Binance Smart Chain to Meta Mask or other wallets
  5. Buy with the desired amount of BNB and click Swap
  6. Confirm the Swap
  7. Confirm on wallet
  8. View on bscscan to confirm
  9. Congrats! You just bought CROX.

Farm CROX using below pairs

APR CROX Reward Multipliers

  • CROX/BNB (40x Rewards)
  • CROX/BUSD (40x Rewards)
  • CROX/CAKE (25x Rewards)
  • CROX/RASTA(10x Rewards)
  • BUSD/BNB (5x Rewards)
  • BTCB/BNB (4x Rewards)
  • ETH/BNB (4x Rewards)
  • USDT/BUSD (2x Rewards)
  • DAI/BUSD (2x Rewards)
  • CAKE/BNB (5x Rewards)
  • DOT/BNB (3x Rewards)

We have opened a public sale for everyone on Bounce Finance. There are no private sales or whitelisted address sales. Everyone can participate fairly in our public pre-sale of CROX token. Visit for Tokenomics and Roadmap of the project

Pre-sale price is 1BNB = 500 CROX (~1.1 USDT).

Listing price will be 1BNB = 350 CROX (~1.6 USDT).

Funds raised from Pre-Sale will be added to Pancakeswap Liquidity

Croxswap Pre-sale

How to participate in Pre-sale?


  1. Connect your wallet using MetaMask or Binance Wallet
  2. Type in your bid amount. Some examples are (0.1BNB=50 CROX) (0.25BNB=125 CROX) (3BNB=1500 CROX)
  3. Click Go


A cross-chain DEX protocol to transfer assets across networks

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